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What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Bad Posture?

In elementary school, we were made to understand that the body has a framework called the skeleton. It gives us the posture that we have and helps to stand upright. It is also responsible for movement.

While this framework forms naturally, several things can harm its formation. If this deformity happens, it will inadvertently affect the general outlook of the body.

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Bad Posture? Bad posture is one of the leading causes of a deformed body frame. While the effect is not usually immediately seen or noticed, it builds up gradually until it becomes uncontrollable.

Some of the effects of bad posture are visible, while others are not. At times, the non-visible ones are usually the most dangerous. The reason is that it directly affects health. As well known, we should take whatever affects our health seriously.

Seven(7) Major Effects Of Bad Posture You Should Know

1. Arthritis:

Yes, you saw that correctly. A bad posture for a long time can lead to serious pain around the joints. This result occurs with a misalignment of the spine or the knees. In turn, this misalignment affects all other activities and even the quality of your life.

2. Poor Circulation:

Do you know that sitting down all day is bad posture in itself? Coupled with sitting wrongly, it can be very dangerous. Ergonomists have always maintained that people should take time to move around and exercise the body for at least 10 minutes for every 3 hours of sitting.

Failure to do so causes poor blood circulation. It could lead to experiencing pins and needles and numbness. This effect is more commonly attached to women. Do yourself a favor and follow the rules strictly.

3. Fatigue:

While it is generally known that the major causes of fatigue are hard work or excessive labor. There are other unnoticed causes, one of them being bad posture.

Dr. Stacey Peirce-Talsa, an associate professor of osteopathic manipulative medicine at the Tuoro University of Vallejo, California stated that a bad posture stresses parts of the body that are not meant to bear the extra burden.

This stress causes a reduction in energy levels and enthusiasm. Of course, this effect doesn’t happen immediately It may take time but will take effect eventually.

4. Mood:

Believe it or not, your posture can affect your mood either positively or negatively. Some scientists researched a psychiatry hospital and the results were astounding. Some set of people were asked to read a speech and recite a few words.

They observed that those who sat upright while reading were more enthusiastic and recited more than those who slouched in their This prototype is what happens in the workplace all over. I guess the new phrase is ‘change your posture, change your life’.

5. Forward Head Posture:

Have you ever caught yourself unconsciously rubbing the back of your head severally? Or jerking your head right and left? That is an indication that your head and neck posture is wrong. The constants crank in your neck is a common condition called forward head posture.

It is one of the most overlooked types of bad posture. It occurs when the head and the shoulder are not in alignment or a straight line. When the head is constantly in misalignment with the shoulder, this leads to dysfunctional effects thereby causing neck pains and strains.

Apart from these pains and strains, headaches are unavoidable at this pace. Nagging headaches are the result of this bad posture.

6. Breathing Efficacy:

It might seem unrealistic but to breathe well, some factors need to be in place. If the body is badly postured, it might affect the way a person breathes.

Of course, the brain and vital organs are largely dependent on getting a good amount of oxygen to operate well. So, if breathing is not regular, there might be serious consequences.

7. Sexual Function:

If all other effects do not concern you, this should. A poor sitting position or slouching can cause a lot more than backache. It can also result in poor sexual performances.

The reason is that the muscle responsible for sex which is the pelvic muscle is greatly affected by bad sitting posture. It becomes weak and ineffective thereby causing inactivity. For women, lack of orgasm and low sexual appetite often happens. For men, weak ejaculation is common as well as weak stamina.

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What Are The Other Causes Of A Bad Body Frame

Some things can cause the general outlook of a body to be deformed. Some deformities happen while a person is at the developing stages while some take place at an older age.

Deformities like hunch back, bowed-leg, shortness, bad gait, etc. while it is already established that bad posture is a major cause of these bad frames, there are other known factors. They are:

1. Poor Diet:

What you take in matters a lot. This factor is why doctors always advise a healthy diet. A healthy diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for perfect growth. Lack of one or two minerals in a diet can have serious effects on the growth and development of the body.

2. Poor Hygiene:

Uncleanliness and lack of hygiene will lead to sickness and diseases. This factor can affect a lot in the body and at times cause irrevocable changes. So, it is best to avoid the occurrence of illness and much as possible.

3. Accidents:

Some things are beyond the reach of people. A good example is an accident. While some accidents can be avoided and controlled, some can’t. A lot could go wrong in an accident. The best measure against this is to be as careful as possible.

4. Lack Of Exercise:

Regular exercise strengthens the muscles and develops new muscles. This means that lack of exercise causes weak muscles which are susceptible to damage. It is in your best interest to get out once in a while and get a good amount of work out.

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Bad Posture?

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There are a lot of questions asked about steps to correct a bad posture. It is possible to correct some bad postures before the effects become uncorrectable. Ideally, it should no less than 30 days of constant and strict adherence to strict routines to correct bad postures.

There are a lot of routines made available which you can choose from. All you need to do is to reach out to an ergonomist or a physical trainer that can put you through.